Faith Lift is a non surgical facelift skincare system that gives dramatic results even after just one treatment. It lifts, tones and firms the skin leaving it looking youthful and radiant. It is a genuine alternative to those looking for wrinkle reduction without resorting to injections.

Non-surgical facelift skincare

What is Faith Lift

Faith Lift combines a powerful cocktail of organic, lifting ingredients. It gently stimulates circulation and increases blood supply and helps restore tone and elasticity for a instant noticeably lifted and firmer skin.

What are the benefits

Skin keeps on lifting beyond the treatment and the use of home care products prolongs the results. For optimum results an initial course of 6 treatments is recommended followed by treatments every 4 to 6 weeks as with any other skincare range.

A non surgical facial system treatment

Faith Lift Facial is a non surgical facial system that gives dramatic results that you will love.

Faith Lift Mask’s main ingredient is an herbal extract, which consists primarily of complex polysaccharides and associated glycoproteins. When Faith Lift Mask is applied, it forms an elegant film that will tighten and smooth the skin. This perceivable phenomenon is due to physical changes in the polymer structure of the polysaccharides as they dry on the skin.

The Faith Lift treatment

The skin is cleansed with a deep nourishing cucumber cleanser with the slight scent of organic cucumber which refreshes and helps restore moisture and vitality to the skin with the high natural Vitamin E content.

A Toner is then applied to the skin which is sodium lauryl sulphate free and paraben free. The toner is a skin enriching facial wash, created with oxygen rich Aloe Vera and has great skin clearing and cleansing properties.

The skin is then exfoliated with a deep cleansing organic AHA rejuvenator, which enhances clarity, unclogs pores and reduces dullness, the perfect preparation for the application of the mask.

The Faith Lift Mask is then applied and left to set for 30 minutes during which time you can enjoy a neck and shoulder massage. After 3o minutes it is removed with hot towels.

Faith Lift Cream contains the faith lift ingredient in a vitamin-rich, nourishing moisturiser containing: Organic Shea Butter, Borage Oil, Organic Whole leaf Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Vitamin A.

Faith Lift Eye Cream has the faith lift herbal extract in a rich emollient base that is specifically designed for use around the eyes; to rehydrate and provide essential nutrients for healthy skin. It has an instant effect like the mask.

Faith Lift Lip is effectively a Hyaluronic acid based fractionated active that is able to penetrate the epidermis. This active is primarily used in products meant for use on the lips. Faith Lift Lip plumps, redefines and minimizes fine vertical lines and keeps lip contour in shape, providing a more youthful and appealing look. It also includes a rich blend of oils, butters and waxes with Vitamin E to nourish and protect lips from harsh environmental conditions. This product needs to be used daily for at least 30 days for maximum effect.

Your Questions

  • Who’s it for?

Anyone who wants their skin to feel and look younger – concerns with crows feet around the eyes , smoking lines around the mouth or fine facial lines will benefit from this treatment. A great facial for anyone who just wants to ‘WOW’ everybody at that special wedding, party races or event.

  • What it will do?

It lifts, tones and firms leaving the skin looking youthful and radiant. It gently stimulates the circulation and increases blood supply. It helps to soften fine lines and restore the tone and elasticity for an instantly firmer skin.

  • How often will I need Fail Lift treatments?

It can be booked as a one off treatment for a special occasion or for long lasting results as a course, the first week and then weekly for the next 4 weeks.

  • What maintenance will I need to apply?

As with Botox results will not last for ever – a monthly Faith Lift Facial will keep you looking fresh, young & natural.

  • What if I have already had Botox?

Faith Lift works brilliantly alongside Botox to maintain and enhance results.

  • I have very sensitive skin, can I have a Faith Lift facial?

A patch test is advised if your skin is sensitive.

  • Are the effects permanent?

It lasts as long as you continue to use it, i.e. after the initial course the mask is applied every 1-2 months. The creams can be used daily for maintenance. Nothing is permanent, even surgery.

  • Can Faith Lift be used anywhere else?

Yes, Faith Lift is very effective when used as an anti ageing treatment for the hands and décolleté.

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A recommended course of treatment is: Pay for 5 and get your 6th free.

This is a great salon - I was so impressed with the staff they were all very friendly and helpful and gave me loads of advice.

Janette, Sprotbrough / Facebook

I've had HD brows done twice by Terrie and had dermaplaning done earlier this week. All the staff are really friendly and explained the process of everything to me. Will definitely be returning!

Aimee, Doncaster / Facebook

Just had a derma plane facial and loved it. Felt relaxed and comfortable all the way though and my skin feels amazing! I Will definitely be recommending to friends and family x

Jade, Doncaster / Facebook


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