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    Shrinking Tan

    Contour D’Or, The Avant-Garde Shrinking Tan, has created the most exciting buzz in the spray tanning. A gorgeous natural sunless tan with instant slimming and sculpting effects using body contouring spray tan techniques.

Contour spray tanning with inch loss!

What is Contour D'Or

Contour tanning alone is fantastic with the wonderful slimming illusion it creates on the body and who’d have thought it could have got any better. The Contour D’Or The Avant Garde Shrinking Tan is something else with the incredible addition of inch loss!

How does it work

Contour D’Or uses a very fine spray tanning mist with advanced contouring techniques to create depth and shade to different areas of the body that blend beautifully to give the illusion of a slimmer more toned look. The contouring alone is wonderful and it’s easy to forgot that this tan has an incredible twist… it also fuses the active ingredients of the hugely popular Shrinking Violet for inch loss following your tan.

Contour D’Or Avant-Garde Shrinking Tan treatments

The Shrinking Tan works to remove fat and the inches will stay off with maintaining a good, healthy balanced diet and exercise.

Tibby Olivier, the creators of the hugely successful Shrinking Violet Body Wrap, have taken this formula and the active ingredients that aids fat inch loss and incorporated this into their beautiful Beach Bum spray tan to create this truly innovative new spray tan.

The Shrinking Violet ingredient (hyrdolised lethicin) within the spray tan is a liposome and starts to penetrate the skin in seconds. The active ingredients bind and attach themselves to your fat cells disrupting the permeability of the cell membranes causing them to release intra-cellular fat. This reduces the size and shape of them without affecting the surrounding structures and changes the fat from a triglyceride (within the fat cell) to a free fatty acid so that is can be easily removed from your body through lymphatic drainage.

Please note: for best results please read the pre and post Shrinking Spray Tan advice.

Your Questions

  • When will I see inch loss results?

    The Contour D’Or Avant-Garde Shrinking Tan starts to act almost instantly and just like the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap, the active ingredients continue to penetrate the skin where you will see the majority of inch loss results after a 24hr period. Just like the body wrap, inch loss results can continue for a total of 72 hrs after your treatment for final inch loss results.

  • Will the inches lost stay off?

    The fat cells are not removed during the treatment rather fat is removed from the fat cell and this is what is responsible for the inch loss. To maintain your inch loss results it is recommended that you follow a healthy diet combined with exercise to avoid replacing the inches lost.

    Please note: this treatment does not work by dehydration, quite the opposite: it is recommended that you drink plenty of water following the treatment to aid lymphatic drainage.

  • What do I need to do before my spray tan?

    We recommend you do / don't do the following prior to your treatment:

    • Shave at least 24 hours before or 48hrs if waxing – this gives time for your pores to close and avoid ‘dotting’.
    • Exfoliate, 24 hours before your tan using a non-oil based wash and remove dry skin for a longer lasting tan.
    • Do not wear perfume/aftershave on your skin on the day of your tan – perhaps spray on clothes.
    • Do not wear deodorant (if possible) on the day of your tan – or wash off prior to tan.
    • Do not moisturize on the day of your tan – this acts as a barrier.
    • Wear dark, loose fitting clothes, flip flops or loose fitting shoes and remove all jewellery.
  • Pre-treatment advice

    For the best results, here is some additional recommended pre-care advice:

    • Avoid tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and alcohol at least 24hrs before your tan.
    • Increase your water intake to 1-2 litres of water (8 pints) at least 24hrs before your tan.
    • Avoid eating heavy meals before your treatment.
  • After your spray tan post-treatment advice

    Your tan will take 8 hours to develop, for the maximum post Shrinking Tan results, here is the recommended post care advice:

    • Avoid exercise / perspiring for at least 8 hours while your tan develops.
    • Swimming and exercise can reduce the length of time your tan will last – chlorine can strip your tan and the salt in perspiration acts as a natural exfoliation.
    • As the tan develops avoid touching or rubbing your skin – a tip is to wear loose socks over your hands to avoid touching other parts of the body while sleeping.
    • Long hot baths, showers and excessive use of soap will cause your tan to fade quicker, pat dry skin.
    • Moisturize regularly to maintain your tan for longer.
    • Your spray tan will last for around 5-7 days, after which you will need to exfoliate again to remove excess tan. This will allow your skin to have a clean canvas ready for your next spray tan.
    • Avoid tea, coffee and fizzy drinks and alcohol for at least 24 hours.
    • Drink plenty of water, ideally 2 litres a day at least for the next 24 hrs (over 72 hrs ideally) to aid lymphatic drainage.
    • For the Shrinking Violet ingredients to be fully absorbed into your skin avoid showering or bathing for 8hrs.

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