Looking after your Shellac & Gelish nails

Looking after your Shellac & Gelish nails

Following your Shellac or Gelish nail manicure it is important to take special care with your nails to ensure they last for the full 2 weeks.

To gain maximum benefits from your Shellac or Gelish nail treatment, a product like Solar Oil is recommended. By applying twice a day the oil nourishes the nails and cuticles by improving the hydration. This required moisture will make your nails less likely to chip and peel.

Solar Oil can be purchased in the Perfect Harmony salon at the time of your manicure, please ask your therapist for details and costs.

Shellac and Gelish do protect the natural nail but they will not strengthen the natural nail, therefore, if put under stress your nails could possibly break whilst wearing these products.

Pulling and peeling the product off the nail will cause trauma to the natural nail creating damage that will have to grow out. It is therefore necessary to soak off Shellac and Gelish nails to prevent damage to the natural nail. This can be done within the salon by your therapist taking approximately 10 minutes at a cost of £6 (by appointment only). Alternatively you can purchase acetone within the salon to soak your nails off at home.

Shellac and Gelish are remarkable products that the beauty industry has been waiting on for many years. However they are not indestructible therefore if you do get a chip or break within the polish please contact us and we will be more than happy to replace the existing colour at a small cost.

For further information regarding your nails, please contact our Doncaster nail salon and speak to one of our friendly team of therapists who will help you with your enquiry or any specific problems you maybe experiencing.

Posted by Alison Hall Beswick on 23rd January 2013
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