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As the weather improves it is natural to feel like going out more often. Unfortunatley for many of us, socializing is a daunting experience, especially those whose confidence is affected by the appearance of their facial skin.

Unlocking that inner beauty

Whether it is because they suffer from lines, wrinkles and sagging tissues, which may indicate premature ageing, or whether the culprit is acne, rosacea or acne vulgaris, facing the world can at best be something of an ordeal and at worst absolutely traumatising.

For years beauty salons were just about 'beautifying', that is, making people look good but now the motto tends to be 'feel better = look better', and the emphasis has shifted towards unlocking that inner beauty that is stifled in many of us by unnecessary anxiety about our appearance.

Skin care should be more than skin deep

We have entered a more paramedical world where remarkable results can be achieved without the extortionate costs you would find along Harley Street. This is one of the reasons why I recommend researching the beauty salon you use, their treatments and their products to ensure that your skin will receive the first class treatment it deserves.

Beauty products typically lie on the surface of the skin, making it feel soft, but they do not have any effect on the deeper layers of the skin because they are full of oils, waxes, buffers and preservatives.

In sharp contrast, paramedical products are prescribed specifically for your skin by a trained skin technician and contain pure botanical ingredients to stimulate the collagen and elastin of the skin, in the case of ageing skin, or the production of oil from the sebaceous glands and control of bacteria in the case of an acnified skin.

Skin peel treatments for great results

Q. I would love a skin peel to refine the surface of my skin but it looks 'scary'?

A. I have seen over the last few years many cosmetic television programmes showing 'Skin Peels', which are performed in theatre showing skin blackening and peeling in sheets and involving subsequently a couple of weeks off work!

Well, there is really no need for anything as drastic as that, you can experience a Danne skin peeling treatment in a reputable salon which will achieve remarkable results with very little discomfort or 'down time'. Just make sure your therapist is suitably qualified and experienced.

A website which I think you would be well advised to peruse in your free time is www.dannemking.com.  It contains a wealth of knowledge, fantastic articles and a gallery of amazing before and after photos, as well as a link to the UK site.

Professional skin care at Perfect Harmony

Paramedical treatments and home care are available at Perfect Harmony, above Porters along Sprotbrough Road.  Please feel free to telephone us on 01302 786740 or call in at reception, either for more information or to arrange a free consultation.

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