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Massage techniques, good for the body and soul

Now the nights are drawing in, the temperature is lowering and it's that time of year when many of us cannot wait to put on our pyjamas early and relax in front of a warm fire drinking hot chocolate and watching television.

If this is you, the chances are that another treat that would appeal to you is a massage.  Just the thought of one can make strong women go weak at the knees!

Body massage treatments Doncaster

Simple massage techniques

Massage is also something you can do yourself at home.  First it is wise, especially after a busy or stressful day, to take a relaxing bath. Next, using a little oil that can be found in most kitchen cupboards (for example, olive oil) pour a little into a cup-shaped hand and glide it along your skin. Always glide towards the heart, from feet to thighs and from fingers to underarm, as this will encourage your circulation.

Then, for areas where there is muscular tension present, using your thumb with circular movements, work over the area, not so deeply that you will be bruised the next day, but enough to ease any discomfort by releasing toxins and preventing a build up of lactic acid in the muscles.  This is especially recommended after exercise to counteract aching muscles the following morning.

To aid digestion you can massage your stomach. Start at the lower right side (which is near the appendix) then work upwards with slow circular movements to just below the rib cage, continue across and then down the opposite side and repeat several times.

Relaxing reflexology

For a relaxing reflexology treatment, apply some oil to your feet then put your knuckles to work kneading the soles of your feet in small figure-of-eight movements.  Finish off with small kneading movements along the toes and either side of the foot.

Complimentary therapies at our Doncaster beauty salon

Of course, if all that seems too much like hard work, we will gladly do it for you!  A massage is a luxury treatment but with an affordable price tag, especially if a salon is offering a massage promotion. The hardest bit is deciding which one to have as the list is so long:

Book a relaxing massage today, or tonight!

Many clients get the kids off to bed, take a shower and come down in their loungewear pyjamas for the last appointment at 8pm then they drive home calm, relaxed and fulfilled having had their little bit of ‘me time’!

Call our friendly team on 01302 786740 to discuss our complimentary therapies and let us help you wind down and relax after a long day at work, you'll feel like a new woman - or man!


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